DHS Girls State Powerlifting Resutls

This past Saturday on March 17, 2018, the Dilley High School Varsity Girls Powerlifting team competed in Waco for the 2018 Texas High School Girls (3A) State Powerlifting Championship.

 3-State Qualifiers - Varsity Girls Division:

Wt. Class Div.:              Name:             Grade:                Total Wt. Lifted:                Place:

1. 97 lb.Wt. Class    Kristal Rodriguez   9th                    Lifted - 505 lbs                     ----

 2. 132 lb. Wt. Class   Alessandra Ruiz   12th                  Lifted - 910 lbs                     2nd
                                                                              *Set & Tied Squat State Record: 375 lbs

3. 198 lb. Wt. Class Cheyenne Martinez            11th      Lifted - 810 lbs                     ----

- Varsity Girls Team:  Finished in 17th Place out of 85 Schools Represented in 3A

Congratulations to all the participants!!