The Human Resource Department is responsible for providing a comprehensive program of benefits for its employees as well as a competitive compensation package designed to attract and retain qualified staff. The Human Resource Department also hires and trains substitute teachers and paraprofessionals for filling employee absences.

Salary and Benefit Information

  • $46,500 - $54,485 Hiring Schedule Range
  • $1,000-$1,500 for a Master’s Degree
  • $6,000 Additional Stipend for Math and Science
  • $3,000 per Dual Credit Class Taught per Semester
  • $3,000 Special Education
  • $367 Contribution to TRS Insurance
  • 100% for TRS 1HD Health Insurance
  • Dilley ISD will provide a $10,000 Life Insurance (no cost)
  • Supplemental Benefits are offered through First Financial
  • District Matches 457 Plan up to 3%
  • District Employees are paid semi-monthly
  • Dilley ISD offers the “Grow Our Own Program” to further your education
  • Day Care Services at a minimal rate
  • Staff housing first come, first serve
  • Employee Benefits